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Sand, Sea, and Beach

Something we love about Santa Marta is its beautiful coastline, which is why we've created experiences to enjoy the Sun, Sea, and Beach. We offer boat rental services; here, we can rent you a boat that meets your needs, or we can help you put together a service where all you have to worry about is having a good time.

We'll provide you with the best recommendations to ensure your experience is as safe and hassle-free as possible. Ideally, planning these types of activities in advance allows us to secure the type of boat you prefer.

Mountains, waterfalls, rivers, coffee, and cacao

Discover the natural magic of Minca, where mountains, waterfalls, rivers, coffee, and cacao come together to create a unique experience! Immerse yourself in nature's connection by exploring its trails and marvel at the majestic waterfalls that adorn this paradise.

Unwind your mind by floating down the serene rivers of the Sierra Nevada and enjoy a unique tubing experience. The melody of nature and the tranquility of the water will envelop you in an atmosphere of unparalleled peace and relaxation.

History, Culture, Indigenous Peoples

Discover the fascinating history of Santa Marta through its historical sites! Immerse yourself in the legacy of this city and learn about everything that has shaped its trajectory. Learn from the roots of the indigenous peoples to preserve our invaluable mother nature.

Explore the cultural richness and historical treasures of Santa Marta! Book your experience today and let yourself be captivated by its legacy. Know the past to protect the future.

Are you need private transportation? we're happy to help.

If you only wish to travel to a destination in Santa Marta or outside of it, we offer special transportation services, cars, and vans that allow for a more comfortable and secure journey.

Our experienced staff will take you wherever you need to go. Feel free to inquire about the destination you need to reach.

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